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signed up on Join the C.O.W. Corps 2018-04-03 10:04:46 -0700


Golly, we know you are beyond busy in our hectic crazy way of life. We also know you want to be a change maker (or you wouldn't be here.)
You have no idea how powerful one simple act a week can change the world.  We want to make it simple for you.
When you sign up to the Happy C.O.W.* Corps, you'll receive no more than one email a week** that will have a suggestion about one easy thing you can do that doesn't take much time.  
It'll be things like:
  • If you have never gone to your Farmer's Market, find out where and when it is for next week. If you have go shop there and thank one farmer for growing your food. And maybe give them a hug if you feel so inclined.
  • Like our Facebook page, then invite five (or more) friends to like it, too.
  • Strike up a conversation with someone you know (or someone you don't know) about why you eat local foods
  • Email us one suggestion for a weekly activity for us to send out in a Happy C.O.W. Corps email
*C.O.W. = Change Our World..it's not about being a vegan.  
**Occasionally less when life gets too hectic around here for us
Thanks for joining the Corps!!
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signed up on Sign the Victory Gardens Petition 2018-04-03 09:52:56 -0700

Sign the Victory Gardens Petition

Local Food Is Homeland Security!! It:

  • Stimulates local economies. For every $1M in local food, 13 jobs are created. Those who don’t
    feed local communities create 3 jobs.
  • Returns 3 times the money back into the local economy as chain retailers
  • Is healthier because it’s fresher
  • When grown regeneratively, has a lower carbon footprint, can save water and helps the
  • Strengthens connection in our divided communities via personal, community and school
    gardens; urban farms, CSAs, and farmers markets
  • Preserves rural farmland and livelihoods

We encourage policy that:

  • Provides fiscal support for school and community gardens
  • Provides healthier, accessible, affordable food for all
  • Gives tax breaks for lawns converted to food gardens
  • Plants fruit trees for public consumption in landscapes
  • Creates community gardens instead of lawns and simply decorative landscapes
  • Creates protections for pollinators
  • Allows chickens and other small animals in cities
  • Allows and encourages water farming
  • Allows street vendors as a cottage industry
  • Provides ongoing fiscal and policy support for seed libraries
  • Provides fiscal and policy support for City/County/Regional Food Policy Councils
  • Gives fiscal and policy support for local food procurement for institutional food
  • Provides local and organic foods in schools
  • Creates nontoxic pesticide control policies
  • Makes public land accessible to young farmers for low rent, long term lease
  • Enacts policies that reduce food waste
  • …And anything else that creates a healthier, regenerative, resilient and just food system

This petition can support your local community’s efforts to create a strong local food system. Get people
to sign it via their phones at Victorygardens2.org OR copy out pages then send us the copies and we’ll
add them.

Then…write us if you are doing local policy or other work around local food and we’ll let you know how
many in your community/county/region or state have signed the petition. Data about how much local
food is being grown will help create meaningful policies that support local food. This is OUR petition,
help it grow, then use it!!

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